About me

I am an Associate Professor in Structural Geology at Uppsala University in Sweden working in the young discipline of volcano-tectonics. I am creative, driven, and results-oriented. My group and I focus on the question how magma is transported and stored in the Earth's crust to understand related volcanic hazards, energy, and  natural resources. To grasp the complexity of magma dynamics, we combine a range of different approaches, e.g. field work, structural analysis, modelling, and igneous petrology.

I love photography. With my pictures I try to catch and show what fascinates me about nature.

Personal Profile

- industrious, prize-winning writer with an h-index of 14, publishing in high-ranking multidisciplinary journals

- strategic thinker, attracting > 2.5 million Euro funding since 2010

- co-leader of the IAVCEI commission on Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing Systems

- elected member of the Young Academy of Sweden

- proven leadership skills as deputy head of department

- engaging and dedicated teacher and supervisor with courses such as "Tectonics", "3D modelling as a tool in geological research" and "Structural Geology"

- member of the management board of the Center for Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS)

Research Interests

My research focusses on the questions: How is magma transported? How do magma chambers form, evolve & look like? How is magma transport & storage interacting with the surrounding rocks? What are the implications for volcanic hazards, energy and natural resources.

Research  Skills

Field Work: logistics & conduction even in remote areas

Structural Geology: statistical acquisition, processing & interpretation of structural data, structural mapping, laser scanning

Analogue Modelling: modelling of intrusions, calderas and fractures

Numerical Modelling: software packages COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS, and FDCON

3D Modelling: structural modelling with Move & GoCAD

Photogrammetry: drone imaging and 3D model building

Meet the group

Learn more about the members of my group and our exciting research projects.

Read my book

A text book on magma transport, storage and evolution in the Earth's crust.

Avaiable here and here.


Volcano-tectonics is a young research field, bringing together physical volcanology, structural geology, igneous petrology, geophysics, and geodesy to understand the mechanics of magmatic processes. Such processes include the transport of magma through the crust, the formation and development of magma chambers, the build-up and destruction of volcanic edifices, and the mechanics of volcanic eruptions.


Dr. Steffi Burchardt

Dept. of Earth Sciences

Uppsala University

Villavägen 16

752 36 Uppsala


0046-(0)18-471 25 68

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