National & International Activities


Co-leader of the IAVCEI commission on Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing Systems

Member of the Young Academy of Sweden

Initiator and convenor of workshops, symposia and sessions on volcanic plumbing systems at international Earth science conferences

Reviewer of manuscripts for the leading geoscience journals

Reviewer of grant proposals for a

variety of international funding organisations

Deputy head of department of the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

IAVCEI commission on Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing Systems (VIPS)

I am co-leader of the new IAVCEI commission on VIPS. The main goal of this commission is to foster and facilitate an integrated approach to understand crustal magma transport and storage processes on Earth and the other terrestrial planets.

The commission is forum for VIPS research beyond disciplinary or methodoligical boundaries.

> IAVCEI homepage

> VIPS homepage on VHub

> VIPS on Facebook

The Young Academy of Sweden

I am an elected member of the Young Academy of Sweden.


The Young Academy of Sweden is an independent, cross-disciplinary forum for some of the most promising young researchers in Sweden from all disciplines.


> website Young Academy of Sweden


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Reviewer of  Research Proposals & Manuscripts

Reviewer of research proposals  for

- National Science Foundation (US)

- National Geographic Science Funding

- RANIS Icelandic Research Council

- Flanders Research Council

Reviewer of manuscripts for

- Nature Communications

- Geology

- Geological Society of London

- Bulletin of Volcanology

- Journal for Volcanology and Geothermal


- Tectonophysics

- Journal of Structural Geology

Workshop Organisation & Session Convening

2017 Organiser of the largest session of the IAVCEI General Assembly Portland, Oregon


2015 Symposium organiser IUGG/IAVCEI General Assembly Prague "Volcano Plumbing Systems"

2013 Workshop Co-Organiser

European Science Foundation - MeMoVolc

"Magma Emplacement and Volcanotectonics", Oslo, Norway.


2012 - 2015 Initiator & Session Co-Convenor "The mechanics of volcanic and sub-volcanic systems: modelling, experiments and field observations" Annual European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.

Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden


2014-2017  -  Elector

I am one of  three elected representatives of the department in the electorial board of the Faculty for Science and Technology with the duty to e.g. elect the faculty’s director and the pro-deans for research, education, and collaboration, as well as the section dean

2012-present  -  Deputy Head of Department

responsible for premises and commissionary service (biträdande prefekt för lokalfrågor och intendenturen), 15-20% of my working time

As such, I am responsible for 6 members of the technical staff and an annual budget of about 2 million SEK, strategic planning of premises, management and recruitment of staff.

I am head of the premises group (lokalgruppen) and member of AU (prefektmöte), leading group (ledningsgruppen), environment council (miljöforum) at the department and of the commisionary service board (intendenturstyrelse) of Campus Gotland.

I am also Deputy Head of the Commisionary Service (Stf. föreståndare) of the campus area (intendenturområdesstyrelse) Lagerträdet.

Professional Development

2017 Uppsala university's academic leadership development programme

2016 Legal Training

2013 Leadership Programme

2013 Human Resources Training

2013 University Economy Training

2012  Supervision of PhD students Training

2011 Academic Pedagogics Training

Media Outreach


2015: Volcanoes that made oil out of dinosaur bones

Read about this exciting multi-disciplinary projects and my field work adventures between volcanoes, oil pumps and cougars here.


2014: OUR DYNAMIC EARTH Exhibition Centre, Edinburgh

Poster contribution about my Ardnamurchan research to the "Scottish Geoparks Open Day"

Oct 2013: Ardnamurchan - 3D Model Reveals Information About Iconic Volcano

media impact of my publication “Ardnamurchan 3D cone-sheet architecture explained by a single elongate magma chamber”:

the article is among the top 1% (ranked 4th) among tracked articles of similar age in Scientific Reports, and within the top 1% of tracked articles in Nature journals regarding online attention with news articles in e.g. BBC, NBC News, Science Daily & Science Newsline; the study was also presented in Discovery Channel Canada’s “Daily Planet” programme.


Nov 2014 CNDS Forum on Natural Disasters invited talk on "Advances in undestanding the eruptive potential of Icelandic volcanoes" Presentation ppt.

Oct 2013 Uppsala University - Surtsey Day

invited speaker presenting a talk on “Inside the volcano – Geology of Eastern Iceland” at the half-day popular symposium on volcanology

Apr 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Eruption

radio interview by the science radio (vetenskapsradio) and various interviews by newspapers, e.g. Dagens Nyheter

Canary Islands

Xeno-Pumice inspired Blogosphere:

Aug 2013: Joe Bauwens "The floating stones of El Hierro"

Feb 2013 Interview for the AGU Blog "Georneys": Evelyn Mervine  "LASI V: Xeno-Pumice - Mysterious Floating Rocks of the Canary Islands"

Jan 2013: Andrew Alden "Xeno-Pumice: A New Kind of Floating Rock"

Jan 2013: Andrew Alden "When Volcanoes Turn Fry Cook"

Jan 2013: David "Restingolites: floating rocks from El Hierro eruption could be a new type of rock"

My Research in General

2012 “Looking inside a volcano”, a popular science video on my research produced by the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University