Undergraduate Courses in Uppsala University's Bachelor Programme in Earth Sciences

Structural Geology and Ground Stability

I am resposible for a 15 credit course in structural geology.

Field Course in Earth Sciences

I am teaching part of a 5-point field course, in which students are trained in basic mapping techniques, which include mineral and rock identification and description in the outcrop, identification and measurement of basic geological structures, mapping of rock units and geological structures. The part of the course I teach (5 days) is dedicated to skill training going from a short practical training session to several assignments where the different skills have to be applied in selected outcrops with increasing degree of complexity.

Graduate Courses in Uppsala University's Masters Programme in Earth Sciences


I am responsible for 15-point course in Tectonics, in which the students learn about large-scale geodynamic processes.                                       


Applied 3D geological mapping and modelling

I am responsible for a 5-point course that demonstrates the possibilities of modern geological mapping techniques, including done-based photogrammetry, 3D structural mapping and reconstruction. the course also highlights case studies from academia and mining.

PhD Courses

2017 - Nordvulk Summer School on Magmatic Plumbing Systems

Link to course homepage

2016 - 3D Modelling as a tool in geological research

3D structural modelling is an increasingly applied tool in geological research. This course introduces the underlying ideas of 3D modelling as well as a variety of case studies, combined with practical, research-focussed training

Courses in Graduate School Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

PhD summer school: Natural Hazards in the Anthropocene

I am involved in teaching on the role of scientists in times of crises.

BSc & MSc Students

Since 2012 Supervision of 7 and co-supervision of six BSc student projects.

Since 2011 Supervision of 11 and co-supervision of six MSc  student projects.

Doctoral Students

Ongoing PhD projects

2021-2025 Sonja Greiner "The role of crustal heterogeneities on the propagation of sheet intrusions" (co-supervisor)

2021-2025 Orlando Quintela "Linking Magma Batch Intrusion to the Construction of Geothermal Systems and Ore deposits" (main supervisor)

2019-2023 Taylor Witcher "Brittle deformation in viscous magma" (main supervisor)

Completed PhD projects

Postdoctoral Fellows

2018-2021 Postdoctoral researcher Tobias Schmiedel

2016-2018 Postdoctoral researcher Erika Ronchin

2012  Postdoctoral researcher Lucie Mathieu