Undergraduate Courses in Uppsala University's Bachelor Programme in Earth Sciences

Rocks and Quaternary Deposits

In the part of the course focusing on rocks students are taught the fundamentals of mineralogy and petrology, i.e. the students discover the minerals that build up igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. These minerals are then put into the context of the processes and conditions/environments of rock formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks in turn.

As part of the course, I teach a one-week field course in bedrock mapping that aims to introduce the students to the basic geological field techniques, including safety, and trains their recognition of minerals and rocks in the field.

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Structural Geology and Ground Stability

As a part of the course in Structural Geology, I teach a 23-hour practical on map analysis. This practical focuses on training the students to extract geological and structural information from geological maps, construct cross sections and maps, and interpret the geological history of an area from geological map data.

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Field Course in Earth Sciences

I am responsible for a 5-point field course, in which students are trained in basic mapping techniques, which include mineral and rock identification and description in the outcrop, identification and measurement of basic geological structures, mapping of rock units and geological structures. The part of the course I teach (5 days) is dedicated to skill training going from a short practical training session to several assignments where the different skills have to be applied in selected outcrops with increasing degree of complexity.

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Graduate Courses in Uppsala University's Masters Programme in Earth Sciences


I am responsible for 15-point course in Tectonics, in which the students learn about large-scale geodynamic processes. As a part of this course, I teach a practical on 3D modelling of structural geological data with the software package Move® (Midland

Valley Ltd.).                                           


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Geological Field Project 2014/2015

An opportunity to study the occurrence of rocks in their natural environment. The course will involve describing and recording lithologies, relationships and structures in the field to develop a geological map. The map will be presented in GIS and accompanied by description of the map, rock units, structures and interpretation in a written report.

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PhD Courses

2017 - Nordvulk Summer School on Magmatic Plumbing Systems

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2016 - 3D Modelling as a tool in geological research

3D structural modelling is an increasingly applied tool in geological research. This course introduces the underlying ideas of 3D modelling as well as a variety of case studies, combined with practical, research-focussed training

Courses in Graduate School Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

Introduction to Natural Disaster Science

I was involved in planning and organising the course and taught an introduction to geological processes and their connection to natural disasters.

Seminar Course in Natural Disaster Science                                               

I was involved in planning and organising the course. Moreover, I organised and coordinated a 3-hour seminar with guest lectures & discussions on “Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull – implications and response management”.

PhD summer school: Natural Hazards in the Anthropocene

I was involved in planning the course, attracting funding from the EGU and the department of Earth sciences and taught on the role of scientists in times of crises.


Promoting Student Success

EGU Outstanding Student Poster Award 2014 Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology to my PhD student Sylvia Berg for her poster "Making Earth’s earliest continental crust – an analogue from voluminous Neogene silicic volcanism in NE-Iceland" PDF version.

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Midland Valley's Student Structure Prize  2013

in the undergraduate  section

The First Prize went to Jenny Schauroth (Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich) for her project on "Structure of the magma chamber beneath Carlingford revealed by 3D cone-sheet and crystal-settling models", which integrated structural modelling with other modelling to create a new insight into this intrusion.

The project was completed whilst Jenny was on a summer exchange scheme at Uppsala University, where I was her Co-Supervisor.

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BSc & MSc Students

Since 2012 Supervision of 7 and co-supervision of six BSc student projects.

Since 2011 Supervision of 11 and co-supervision of six MSc  student projects.

Doctoral Students

Ongoing PhD projects

2014-2018 supervision of Mr. Tobias Mattsson: "Structure and Dynamics of Volcanic Plumbing Systems"

2014-2016 co-supervision of Mr. Harri Geiger: "Petrological characteristics of Volcano Plumbing Systems"

Completed PhD projects


2011 - 2015  co-supervision of David Budd, PhD: “Characterising volcanic magma plumbing systems: A tool to improve eruption foreasting at hazardous volcanoes”

2013 - 2016 co-supervision of Börje Dahren, PhD:

Magma plumbing architecture in Indonesia and the North Atlantic Igneous Province

2011 - 2016  co-supervision of Ms. Sylvia E. Berg: “Petrogenesis of voluminous silicic magma in Northeast Iceland

Postdoctoral Fellows

2016-2018 Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Erika Ronchin

2012  Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Lucie Mathieu