Funding Record

2024-2026 - Rannís Icelandic Research Council postdoctoral grant to Robert Askew, PI: Saemundur Ari Halldorsson; Co-PI: Steffi Burchardt

Project: SECRET - Structurally-Enhanced Crustal Recycling Explains exTensive silicic magma production.

1680 kSEK

2024-2025 - Matariki Network seedcorn funding for the project "Understanding the evolution of basaltic fissure eruptions to mitigate their hazard" to Ed Llewellin, Durham University, UK, Steffi Burchardt, Uppsala University, Sweden and James White, University of Otago, New Zealand.

327 kSEK, of which 125 kSEK to Uppsala University 

2021-2024 - Swedish Research Council

Project grant: LiMBIC -  Linking magma batch intrusion to the construction of geothermal systems and mineral deposits 

3530 kSEK

2020-2021 STINT grant for teaching sabbatical

151 kSEK 

2018-2023 Knut och Alice Wallenberg Fellows grant: Fracturing in intruding magma chambers. 7.5 million SEK plus 5 million SEK from Uppsala University

2016-2019 - Swedish Research Council

Project grant: Dynamics of magma-sediment interaction with implications for paleo-climate change

2940 kSEK

2015 - Mourne Cooley Gullion Geotourism Bursary, EU Funding to Burchardt, Troll, Deegan to start-up research in the Mourne Mountains in 2015.

120 kSEK

2014 – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA): field work grant to Risby, Sandback, Barker & Burchardt

54 kSEK

2013 – German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), RISE worldwide, Scientific Exchange Visit Grant to Schauroth and Burchardt

3D modelling of volcano-tectonic systems

20 kSEK

2013 – European Science Foundation – MeMoVolc

Scientific Exchange Visit Grant: Analogue modelling of the dynamic emplacement of cone sheets in volcanoes, Oslo, Norway

19 kSEK

2013 – The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien)

Stipend grant No. FOA11V-057: Inclined sheets as feeders of volcanic eruptions

25 kSEK

2012-2013 – European Science Foundation - MeMoVolc 

Workshop Support Grant to Galland, Burchardt, Troll: Workshop on Magma Emplacement and Volcanotectonics, Oslo, Norway, 4-6 February 2013

150 kSEK

2012 – Gender Equality Fund, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

10 kSEK

2012 – Starting Grant for female lecturers, Uppsala University

50 kSEK

2011-2015 – Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Project grant for young researchers No. 2011-4935: Thermomechanical processes associated with xenoliths in magma chambers

3148 kSEK

2011-2014 – Center for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

PhD project grant to Troll, Budd, Barker, Burchardt: Temporal evolution of the sub-volcanic plumbing system of Katla volcano, Iceland

2200 kSEK


2011-2013 – Nordic Volcanological Center

Nordvulk fellowship program, 2 year PhD fellowship to my student Sylvia E. Berg: Petrogenesis of voluminous silicic magma in Northeast Iceland

910 kSEK

2011 – The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien)

Stipend grant No. FOA11V-057: Inclined-sheet swarms in the Dyrfjöll Volcano, SE Iceland – a tool to determine magma-chamber locations, sizes, and depth

21.5 kSEK

2010 – Center for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

Project grant to Burchardt, Barker, Troll: Icelandic ash and its impact on Sweden

300 kSEK

2010-2011 – Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Grant for postdoctoral positions in Sweden No. 2010-752:

Interaction between dense exotic blocks and their viscous host reservoirs: implications for salt diapirs and plutons

813 kSEK