Funding Record

2021-2024 - Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Project grant: Linking magma batch intrusion to the construction of geothermal systems and mineral deposits 

3530 kSEK

2020-2021 STINT grant for pedagogic sabbatical

151 kSEK 

2018-2023 Knut och Alice Wallenberg Fellows grant: Fracturing in intruding magma chambers. 7.5 million SEK plus 5 million SEK from Uppsala University

2016-2019 - Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Project grant: Dynamics of magma-sediment interaction with implications for paleo-climate change

2940 kSEK

2015 - Mourne Cooley Gullion Geotourism Bursary, EU Funding to Burchardt, Troll, Deegan to start-up research in the Mourne Mountains in 2015.

120 kSEK

2014 – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA): field work grant to Risby, Sandback, Barker & Burchardt

54 kSEK

2013 – German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), RISE worldwide, Scientific Exchange Visit Grant to Schauroth and Burchardt

3D modelling of volcano-tectonic systems

20 kSEK

2013 – European Science Foundation – MeMoVolc

Scientific Exchange Visit Grant: Analogue modelling of the dynamic emplacement of cone sheets in volcanoes, Oslo, Norway

19 kSEK

2013 – The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien)

Stipend grant No. FOA11V-057: Inclined sheets as feeders of volcanic eruptions

25 kSEK

2012-2013 – European Science Foundation - MeMoVolc 

Workshop Support Grant to Galland, Burchardt, Troll: Workshop on Magma Emplacement and Volcanotectonics, Oslo, Norway, 4-6 February 2013

150 kSEK

2012 – Gender Equality Fund, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

10 kSEK

2012 – Starting Grant for female lecturers, Uppsala University

50 kSEK

2011-2015 – Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Project grant for young researchers No. 2011-4935: Thermomechanical processes associated with xenoliths in magma chambers

3148 kSEK

2011-2014 – Center for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

PhD project grant to Troll, Budd, Barker, Burchardt: Temporal evolution of the sub-volcanic plumbing system of Katla volcano, Iceland

2200 kSEK


2011-2013 – Nordic Volcanological Center

Nordvulk fellowship program, 2 year PhD fellowship to my student Sylvia E. Berg: Petrogenesis of voluminous silicic magma in Northeast Iceland

910 kSEK

2011 – The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien)

Stipend grant No. FOA11V-057: Inclined-sheet swarms in the Dyrfjöll Volcano, SE Iceland – a tool to determine magma-chamber locations, sizes, and depth

21.5 kSEK

2010 – Center for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS)

Project grant to Burchardt, Barker, Troll: Icelandic ash and its impact on Sweden

300 kSEK

2010-2011 – Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)

Grant for postdoctoral positions in Sweden No. 2010-752:

Interaction between dense exotic blocks and their viscous host reservoirs: implications for salt diapirs and plutons

813 kSEK

    Attracted >3 million Euro since 2010