Magma transport and storage in the Earth's crust

We investigate how magma chambers form and what it takes to trigger an eruption. We study how magma moves from its source to the surface in a volcanic eruption. We also do research on the properties of magma and its role as a source for energy and ore deposits. 

I'm Steffi,

Professor of Tectonics

at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Department of Earth Sciences

Uppsala University

Villavägen 16

75236 Uppsala


steffi.burchardt [at] geo.uu.se

  • I'm creative, enthusiastic, and results-oriented.
  • I'm good at building and leading interdisciplinary teams.
  • I thrive between established theories, combining disciplines, methods, and people's strengths to create new insights into how magmatic systems work.
  • I'm passionate about science outreach.

Photo: Erik Thor for Sveriges Unga Akademi


Research projects